Building Permits in Melbourne

If you or your business wants to build a new location near Melbourne, getting the right building permits and hiring the right building surveyors is a crucial step. MKT can help you through the process by ensuring your building construction is compliant with local regulations and standards. Our consultants are here to help you with your Melbourne construction process from start to finish. Talk to us today to learn what we can do for you.

Building permit process

Before you start any building process, you need to make sure you have the proper building permits. MKT can work with you to obtain the permits and make sure the entire process is compliant and meets any necessary building codes. Our seamless process can be completed in three steps:

  • First, submit your application with MKT. After you’ve lodged your application, please allow 5–7 days for us to complete our assessment.
  • Next, we provide the applicant with an RFI (Request for Further Info). As each job is different and has specifications the time for this step will depend on each job.
  • Last, have the applicant provide all of the items to us. Following that step, we will issue a building permit within 48 hours so you can begin construction on your project.

So, if you need to start a new build, for anything from a home to a commercial business and anything in between, our team of experts are eager and ready to help you make it happen. Our goal is to help our clients obtain the necessary permits. We offer our surveying services so they can have a design-and-build as a finished product.

Contact us

For building permits in Melbourne, be sure to contact the team at MKT. Call us on 03 9379 0009 to get started.

Obtaining a Building Permit involves a statutory process.

The process is different for each individual proposal. Factors such as the design, allotment particulars, planning issues, and Building Regulations (to name a few), all play a significant role in the assessment by the Building Surveyor. If you have built before, then the new project may vary from the last; meaning that other factors may come into play which did not apply to the previous site.



The Building Surveyor's role is to assess the application under the Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2006, NCC BCA (Current) and Australian Standards. Note there may also be specific restrictions imposed by your property title.

The Building Surveyor will advise you on all the requirements that apply to your project, and assist you in achieving compliance so that a building permit can be issued.

Note: The above flowchart is only a guide.


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